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Technical Support

Dot Correction 

Necessity Of Dot Correction
LED screen performs un-uniform because of LED lamp discrete character.

Purpose of Dot correction
Through calibrating LED lamp brightness to reduce the difference among pixels, LED screen will perform more even and uniform.

Equipment for Dot Correction and Connection Diagram

Dot Correction Case

Technical Service Support
Onsite total screen debugging service

Onsite maintenance service

Onsite debugging service

Onsite guarantee service



Custom Service

PCB Design

Schematic Design

PCB Design

Filling Form

ZDEC PCB Debugging

 System Custom Design Service

Classified by Effect: Standard System Design/ Non Standard System Design

Classified by Demands: Pure Cost Concern System Design/ Adaptive System Design

Classified by Cost: Module Index Cost Concern Design/Performance Index Cost Concern Design

 Logo Amendment for Management Software

Application Solution Design

Remote Service


Remote Online Service


Software Installation and Upgrading

Firmware Online Upgrading


Solution Providing


High Effect and Time Save

Business Trip Expense Saved

Solve LED Screen Issues Immediately

Remote Training


LED Screen Installation Instruction and General Knowledge to Operation

Troubleshooting and Operation Issues

Sales Techniques


Quick Maintenance

Trip Expense Saved

Training to Different People in Different Places for Different Projects at Same Time


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