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                                                              After Sales Service
Dear customer,

We appreciate your long time cooperation and support to us. Herein we make the list for ZDEC after service clause basing on principle of customer forever.

ZDEC will offer return process after quality issue confirmed and these issues are caused by us. If not, we won’t take any responsibility for customer’s loss according to International Tradition policy.
1、Chip service clause
Within 15 days from purchasing, we offer free return or change service for quality issues which need to meet the following conditions: 
1)No abrasion to trade mark, no damage to chip pins, no casting or no serious distortion, no burning.
2)Customer follows ZDEC product instruction to use, store correctly and the issues are confirmed to be from ZDEC. In addition, the real damage rate is over the rate which ZDEC promises.
3)Confirmed by two parties, the goods type is different from the PO list
4)No damage to package
 2、Controller Service Clause
Free return process or change is offered within 15 days purchase because of quality issues; One year quality warranty is offered over 15 days purchase.

1)Quality issues from ZDEC after confirmation between both parties (users and ZDEC) under the case users follow ZDEC’s manual book to operate, store
2)After confirmation between 2 parties, ZDEC product type is different from users’ PO
3)No damage to the package
 3、Exemption Clause
1) Warranty expired
2)delivery label scratched, damaged or blur.
3)Damages because of not following the instruction to operate,maintain                                                                     
4)Assemble, disassemble, fix or try to fix products such as solding on PCB board or other similar operations.
5)Without production label, shipment label or change label privately                                                                             
6)Production label, shipment label type, serial no doesn’t match the real.                                                                 
7)Any damage from force majeure such as delivery, earthquake, seaquake or other elements etc
8)Damage because of improper shipment, operation, store such as erosion, rotten, mechanical damage etc.         
  4、After service procedure
Please call 0755-83408216 first or our 24 hour service telephone 15012795220 to confirm quality issue            
2)After confirmation, our engineer confirms the user follows our manual book to operate the controller and quality issues really exist in products and then, ZDEC will provide one year warranty for maintenance after purchase; the details are as following:
a) User should send the defected products to ZDEC according to the following steps                                                    
b) Use honeycomb package to isolate products or antistatic package to pack                                                                  
c) Track delivery status until ZDEC confirms the receiving                                                                                                      
d) ZDEC won’t take responsibility for any delay or loss because of shipment from user.
3) ZDEC will finish the maintenance within 7 working days after receiving.
a) Maintenance done and sending back
b) Inform customer for replacement if maintenance is impossible
c) Reasons for days cost from maintenance to shipment
4) Free charge maintenance provided within warranty period unless human damage or warranty expired; the fee is charged on different cases. In addition, ZDEC won’t afford the round-shipment fee. 
5、Statement and right for final explanation
1) We solemnly advise you to read product instruction carefully before you purchase our products. Once you finish the purchase, you will be considered accepting our after service clauses.
2)  ZDEC owns rights for final explanation to above clauses.

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