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| ZQ97059  display control chips

ZQ97059 is a main control chip of intellectual LED unit developed by ZDEC. The purpose is to improve LED display performance and function, specially applied in advanced LED screen.

Display performance:It enhances display frequency and brightness depth by decreasing minimum illuminative time. It makes the scene have a better shot effect by uniform the brightness; also gains a better view effect.

Maintenance:Since input data exists in the form of web data packet, it will avoid the transferring of invalid data. At the same time, it will add auto-indentifying function to wrong data. Therefore, LED screen display will work much more stable, the order of data transferring and local output will be more reasonable. No linear brightness curve calibration can be tail made by system regarding to demands. All these characters are more likely to meet customers’ habit.

◆brightness, depth 65536 grade
◆High qualified shot without scan line
◆color display uniform

1) support 1、2、3、4、5、6、7、8、9、10、11、12、13、14、15、16 scan screen system
2) Minimum valid width of output OE can be set outside,1、2、4、8、16、32:
3) Clock cycle width has 6 options :
4) The valid numbers of grey level data can be from 8bit to 16 bit :
5) Scan frequency can be calibrated by setting parameters
6) Cascade port testing function
7) Special channels for packet data testing
8) Output data packet is decided by  number of ZQ97059 cascade. Both have a direct relationship.
9) Suitable to types of cascade clock frequency
10)Enable to customize grey level, brightness curve designed by system
11)Total channel of data input can be 1 or 4
12)Data output channel can select 2,4,8 or 12
13)Single ZQ97059 enables to support 16 pieces or 24 pieces 16 bits serial-parallel converted chips
14)Cascade clock outputs phase input while cascade clock outputs invertedly.

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