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| Irregular Processor  A52IC-01

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Irregular controller is structured by a ground panel with backboard. It can be divided by numbers of Flash chips on backboard: one flash online irregular system and 3 flash online irregular systems. The former is used in general control system while the later is used in tail made system with many control points

1、support online or offline to realize heterogeneous control
2、Supports any shaped heterogeneous display
3、Includes horizontal and vertical outputting ports
4、Supports self-adaption frame frequency, with addition of support points, frame frequency auto-adaption descends
5、Contain 1 piece, 3 pieces of flash board. The form at 60HZ support 65 thousands points at most without frame losing, self-adaption support 129 thousands points at most. The form with 60HZ support 130 thousands points at most without frame losing, automatic adoption support 500
thousands points at most


Used in irregular process



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