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Single Line Drive Chip for Lighting
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| Single Line Drive Chip for Lighting  ZQ1111/1112

ZQ1111/1112 is a single line transmitting chip specially designed for LED drive and it adopts advanced CMOS process, especially suited to multi pieces of cross board serial-parallel. ZQ1111/1112 use single line method to transmit signal, recoding data needed by serial-parallel and then send out. This avoids signal discrepancy caused by multi serial-parallel. In theory, it has 1024 pieces of serial-parallel capacity and ensures data can be updated synchronously. ZQ1111/1112 have 3 channels PWM controlling signal output. Each channel has 4096 brightness depth which adopts uniformity technology to make grey level to be plain and elegant. ZQ1111/1112 use SOP8 packet. integral clock is put inside without other surrounding parts. By this the size of printed circuit board is reduced effectively.

Electronic Parameter:
Max Supply Voltage: 6V
Max Input Current: 30A
Suggested Output Current: 10~16MA
Inside Clock Frequency: 16~24MHz
Work Temperature: -40~+85
Storage Temperature: -40~+150


1、single line serial-parallel
2、integrate clock inside
3、4096 brightness depth
4、local serial-parallel wrong instruction
5、Max output current up to 30mA
6、serial-parallel signal recoding
7、MAX 1024 pieces serial-parallel capacity
8、3channels PWM driving output
9、input compatible with 5V CMOS level
10、data refresh rate up to 30Hz
11、ZQ1111 driving output low level valid
12、ZQ1112 driving output high level valid


1、single point LED pixel lighting
2、Flexible LED light belt
3、usage of LED with high-power




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