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Four Lines Drive Chip for Lighting
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| Four Lines Drive Chip for Lighting  ZQ9712S

Four lines transmitting                                                                     
Strong serial-parallel capacity                                                             
Signal without loss

ZQ9712S is developed by ZDEC, specially designed for LED lighting drive use. It uses advanced CMOS process and consumes less power. ZQ9712S can be applied in LED display system, especially to serial-parallel with great many discrete points. ZQ9712S provides 3 high current drive output and the max current will be 30MA.

ZQ9712S contains serial shift register and output latch. With serial shift register, serial input converses to 3 bit parallel output and regards this output as input for register. Serial register and parallel register are controlled by different clock signal and both are valid when clock ascends. ZQ9712S will output drive control signal and this output will be considered input signal for downstream IC.

1. 3 bit driving output
2. Max output current up to 30MA 
3. Multi serial-parallel cross board port                                                        
4. Compatible with 5V CMOS voltage level input 
5. Max serial-parallel clock frequency up to 15M
6. Multi assemble methods


1、Bar LED display
2、LED light belt
3、LED stripe




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