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System spare parts overview:
for securing system and product’s advantage can be completely put into use in customers’ project and products, ZDEC not only does research and development on sets of chips, control system and solution packet, but also on series of accessories such as data distributor, DVI distributor, differential and abnormality and point by point adjustment controller etc.

Data distributor:
             Data distributor A side                                                  Data distributor B side

The product is mainly used in lighting which can connect with differential and no differential which depends on customer’s requirements. Controlling scope can be enlarged through data distributor.
Data distributor contains two types: with difference and without difference. The former are often used in outdoor while the later is mainly used in indoor.

DVI distributor:
DVI distributor mainly distributes outputted video source into each display screen unit, letting each unit have same video display.

It is also called as HUB in English, usually used in lighting. Its main function is extending distance of data and signal transmitting, reducing signal weakness. According to customer’s request, HUB can be divided into single differentiator, four ports differentiator, eight ports differentiator. Single port differentiator is the most often used in the present market. 

Irregular processor:
Iregular processor Side A                                            Iregular processor Side B
Irregular processor is also called Irregular process controller. It mainly assists technology of dot correction, software, camera, light gun to realize point by point adjustment. A better view effect can be gained by adjusting uniformity of light and color through LED gray scale and wavelength’s adjustment.

Spare parts:
       temperature humidity transmitter                               rain-proof cover

  cable with port                              DVI cable                           fiber optics cable

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