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|ZQ97059 Overview:

ZQ97059 is a main controller chip for intelligent LED module developed by ZDEC. The chip is used to improve LED display performance and functions. It is specially applied in advanced LED display control.


Display performance:
Enhances display frequency and brightness depth through decreasing minimum illuminative time for better shot effect; Create better view effect through adjusting scan frequency.

Using web data package input to avoid invalid data transmission, adding the recognizing ability to wrong data to making LED display work more stable;Combining the cascading transmission and local transmission making the order more reasonable; Non-linear bright curve can be customized to be user-friendly.

According to recent year’s feedback, a great many new functions have been added such as communication default testing between unit, unit temperature testing, unit power supply testing, LED default testing, communication default testing inside unit, system default reporting, unit point by point adjustment data storage, LED light parameter storage, low voltage, EMC etc. these functions help high level display screen transfer to display from normal display to intellectual display.

ZQ1111/ZQ1112 Overview:

ZQ1111/1112 is especially designed single line driving chip which use advanced CMOS processing especially used for cross-board cascading. ZQ1111/1112 transmits signal with single line after recoding the data and the accumulated signal difference will be eliminated effectively to guarantee the data to be refreshed synchronously.
ZQ1111/1112 has 3 channels for outputting control signal and each channel has 4096 brightness level. The grayscale change will be smoothly and elegant with brightness uniform technology. The ZQ1111 is assembled with SOP8 method, clock inside, without outer component to make PCB size smaller.

1、Single line chip can be used in lighting and alters four inputs and four outputs to one output and one input. Because of the chip, the work load has been reduced effectively, default rate caused by too many lines also decreased. It is much more convenient to operate and improve the final products’ function. Single line chip ZQ111X can be used in lighting
2、Suitable to be used in all types of lighting
3、Alter PCB panel’s design and adaptable to all kinds of PCB panel
4、Reducing processing requirement, assemble line and human cost.
5、Reducing wire material and port loss, reducing lighting cost directly

6、Reducing wire material, delivery cost and setup cost.
7、Wire material reduction up to 75% and reliability added 50%, reducing maintenance cost directly

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