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Download declaration:

1:All software and materials on ZDEC's website are provided by ZDEC. Those are only for your study and research use. If you find our any infringement behavior to you, please let us know by email. Once we received your info, we will amend our website immediately.
2:Any visitor who login in ZDEC website should know: To download software (except decoder software outside), the copyright to all the ZDEC.
3:ZDEC has final explain right for correctness、safety and integrity of resources which can be downloaded by customer from ZDEC Website(such as software); At the same time, our website won't take responsibility for any damage or harm to you or others which is caused by using our website resources.
4:Without ZDEC's specific permission, anybody is forbidden to do great many links to our download resources; copy or imitation is also not allowed. We have all intellectual property right for all content、technology method and service which are developed by ourselves or with others together. Nobody can't do any invade or damage or use them freely without our permission.

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