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Detail instruction index for new strategic industry will be out soon

It is learnt recently that the strategic new industry detail directory edited by Country Related Council has already primarily confirmed. Right now, the council is collecting advice from all aspects and the directory will be launched in coming future

As we know, the principle for establishing the strategic new industry instruction index is “Important technology breaking out is a must”. Therefore, it will make segmentation to seven strategic new industries issued by State Dept before. With this directory, the related industry administrators will construct some demonstration projects through bidding. 

According to the new ideas, with the directory’s launch, on one hand, the government will offer more support of finance, tax, investment etc correspondingly. On the other hand, the winner in bidding will enjoy priority of industry standards. Some insiders say some domestic enterprise has already tried their best to make their advanced technology be listed in the directory finally.

About decision of accelerating and developing strategic new industries issued by State Dept defines that according to the characteristic of strategic industries, they will be basing on national status, technology, industry construction, cultivation of key items in phase and developing energy saving and environmental, new generation info tech, biology, high-tech equipment manufacturing, new resource, new material and new resource auto etc.

From the research of State Development Council, there are different understandings to strategic new industry for each location. Some places consider oil deep process, green food, forests, ocean industry, high-tech service etc as strategic new industries in the light of local industry construction, comparing advantages and economical long development.

As a result, an insider points out that key development orients and tasks in some industry territory should be defined further for conducting social resource input with efficiency in order to create a better development environment. The insider also thinks the launch of directory is very necessary and it will solve the problem of very wide segments for strategic new industries right now. So it will be more conductive.

National Development and Reform Commission said before that the request of editing “strategic new industries develop another twelve five plans” should be put in practice quickly, making strategic new industry development instructional index, strengthening the connection between related plan and policy, pushing area coordinated development, prohibiting blind investment and reconstruction.


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