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2010 China LED lights reached nearly a half world’s market share.

 As Japan market has a successful experience firstly, the EU which area has a higher price for electronic power than Japan will be another conductive area market like Italy, Portugal, Australia, Hungary, England and Ireland. Once EU market starts to use LED lamp completely, supply more than demand never happens even that more crystal factories are established.

  According to architecture research from Japan, flush light panel takes a high percentage of LED lamp sales at present which arrives at 60% above. It is estimated that Japanese LED lighting will be the most popular products in market by replacing incandescent lamp before 2013. This year the LED lighting has been the most obvious in development of display, business, industry and outdoor lighting etc which is over the average performance of industry development. The modularization of LED lighting and replacement will become the trend of future product’s development. 

  In addition, Chinese market also will become an important place for LED industry development. Lyons securities say: according to the market, China will become the world largest LED outdoor lighting market, and 250 thousands of LED road lights have been set up, which has taken 42% of global LED lighting marketing. It is estimated that LED road lightings will increase to 400thousands which will take a percentage of 46%..

  As Chinese LED industry development is falling behind the Taiwan factory in high level epitaxial technology. So China should attract Taiwan LED epitaxial leader to invest by land offer, favorable rental and big compensation for factory construction. After canyuan set up his facility in mainland, the top leader jindian has to move his production basement to China and at the same time cooperate with CEC, will set up LED factory named by “开发晶照明(厦门)有限公司”in Xiamen. Jingdian will have 60% share while the others are shared by Yiguang, guanjie, CEC. According to jingdian’s announcement, Kaifajing will engage in research, production, LED chips sales, grain, LED lighting source module and lighting products and it is estimated that Kaifajing will starts his operation from 2012.



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