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Core Technologies

After 16 years’ development, ZDEC always keeps a leading position in LED screen and lighting control system industry with its skilled R&D team, abundant project experience, understanding to customer’s demands, professional service.  

The most elements of being top for ZDEC is nonstop technology innovation. For now, ZDEC owns 4 core and unique technologies
1. Colorbrate
ZDEC unique colorbrate technology makes sure your screen performs uniform and none color difference after dot correction.

昆虫调整前.jpg          昆虫调整后.jpg

             Before Adjustment                              After Adjustment

Equipment Connection for Dot Correction



2.Online Detection

Real time detection; auto report generation, auto resolution generation; online detection is

designed for solvingLED screen issues when LED screen is working. Once breakdown happens,

the system will automatically reports  breakdown and reasons, generates report and provides


Interface for Online Detection



3、 Redundancy and Fault Tolerance

Bi-directional transmission, precision up to unit: bi-directional transmission guarantees LED screen in good work condition once error happens to either cable while the other still works.


Single line transmission

ZDEC single line transmission technology overcomes lighting transmitting difficulties such as bad connection, complicated signal etc. With ZDEC single line transmission technology, it makes transmission construction simple and easy, more stable, reducing signal interference etc.


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