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For Ensuring our service quality, we would like to ask you fill in your detailed information, we will answer your request by sending the message to your mailbox on time. Thanks for your understanding and support.
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Product Info
Display Control Chips : ZQ97051 ZQ97052A ZQ97053 ZQ97056 ZQ-97058
Constant Current Chips: ZQ9722 ZQ9726A ZQ9729
General Lighting Chips : ZQ9712S-Dip14 ZQ9712S-TSSOP ZQ9712S-SOP14 ZQ9712HV
Single Line Chips : ZQ1111 ZQ1112 ZQ1114 ZQ1116 ZQ1118
Control system : V5 on-line control system (Fiber) V6 on-line control system (Wire) Off-lineControl system
Accessories : Scan Board Data Distributor (w/Dif) Data Distributor (w/o Dif) Differentiator
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Applies in : Outdoor Display Lighting Entertainment Stages Signs
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